I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in my kitchen the past few days.  I had to prepare for Jack’s birthday party, and while it certainly wasn’t THAT big of a party to plan, organizing social stuff like that just takes a lot out of me.  Thankfully, it was fun.  Thankfully, it’s over.  Thankfully, I celebrated by spending the afternoon in the kitchen.  And now, I just wanted to share what I have going on on my kitchen counter right now:

Granola: Right now the grains are soaking in melted butter, melted coconut oil, water, and yogurt.  I haven’t made this recipe before, but it looks yummy.  It is supposed to soak for two days, which means I will have time tomorrow to make…

Bread:  I haven’t tried this recipe before.  I am halving it.  Right now the grains are soaking in whey, honey, and melted coconut oil.  Hopefully we will have some yummy sandwich bread tomorrow.

Oatmeal:  Tomorrow’s breakfast is also soaking on the counter, ready for me to add the rest of the ingredients.

Obviously, I was on a wee bit of a soaking kick today! 

Want to know what else I’m cooking this week?  I know you probably don’t, but if I don’t write it down here I may not remember.  🙂 

I have never cooked with millet before, but I bought some today, and I’m going to try this recipe for millet and cheese casserole.  I’m going to try this for lunch some day this week.

I am also going to make this peanut sauce recipe for a stir-fry, and, because I have some kale I need to use up, I’m going to try this recipe for kale quiche

I am also planning a breakfast night this week, and so I’m going to make soaked whole grain pancakes (which we all adore). 

I think that’s it. 

Hopefully my kids will like at least some of it.  I know Amélie will like the oatmeal, but Jack isn’t fond of the “porridge” texture. So…he will probably starve.  

I think Amélie will like the quiche (last week I wilted some rainbow chard, and the girl gobbled it up), but Jack will hate it…and he will probably starve.

Amélie will also like the stir-fry, I think, and Jack *might* like it.  I at least might get him to eat some rice.

He will hate the granola, and Amélie might like it.  I’m not sure. 

The millet and cheese recipe is anyone’s guess.  We might all starve that day.

I do know he loves those pancakes. 

But do you see where I’m going with Jack?  The boy doesn’t eat.  He does NOT like healthy food.  On his birthday he was much more interested in eating cake than opening presents.  He loves cake.  Loves it.  He basically likes anything unhealthy.  Anything.  It makes me crazy!  Amélie is such a good eater (think wilted rainbow chard), and Jack is just horrible.  I worry about him.  I know they say that kids this age won’t starve to death, but I swear he just holds out for anything remotely healthy that he might find.  He did eat 3 servings of yogurt and some cheese today.  I suppose I should be thankful.  He also eats bananas on occasion and loves the apples I dehydrate.  I am seriously sitting here thinking what else he likes that is healthy…


Oh, he likes peanut butter sandwiches (just please don’t believe him if he tells you that he especially loves peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches). 

Does ice cream count?

He should be pretty set on antioxidants given his love for chocolate.

Every once in awhile he eats a piece of broccoli.

Yep.  I think that’s about it. 

I will just keep trying. 

 So, what are you cooking this week?  I think I have a wee bit of a recipe addiction.  Feel free to feed it.  🙂

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