A very distant cousin of mine who is an English professor sent out an early holiday letter this year with a contest to write some sort of Christmas poem.  The winner will get his or her poem published in their December holiday letter and a prize of $100.  At first I tossed the letter to the side, but then I got to thinking…an extra $100 would be awfully nice.  The deadline is tomorrow, so of course I procrastinated and wrote the poem today.  I love to write, but poetry is not my thing.  However, I came up with a light-hearted little ditty that I’m hoping will spike me to the top of their short list (OK, what I’m really banking on is that no one else bothered to write a poem).  So here it is:

(Oh, I need a title.  Any ideas?  And…I think the ending is a little weak, so any suggestions before I officially submit the poem tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.  And my last request for advice: do you like the <sigh>towards the end of the poem or should I cut it out?)

(If, based on the advice you give me, my poem is accepted as the winner, you will receive my sincere gratitude but not one penny of the prize money.)  😉

…NOT to be sung to the tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree,” btw…

Oh, Christmas Tree.  Oh, Christmas Tree.

How lovely are your branches.

My little son pulls you down

In ornamental avalanches.


The fat little Santa from my first year

The bulb from my great-grandma

Are crushed and how I long to cry

With loud holiday drama.


The next morning, though, I awake

With sweet anticipation.

The art of cookies must be passed

Down to the next generation.


Hours later I emerge

Sticky and flour-y and sick,

And decide that perhaps next year

A bakery might just do the trick.


I decide to go and Christmas shop.

My babysitter bails.

We scuttle from the mall

Amid toddler tantrums, screams, and wails.


We escape the mall as fast as I,

My bags, and child are able.

I decide we need to spend some time

With the baby in the stable.


In awe I lead him by the hand

To gaze with reverence at the manger.

I do not know that holy child

Is cloaked in mortal danger.


The baby curled up in the hay

Looks like a soft, fun ball.

In horror I watch as with delight

Jack hurls him down the hall.




I could give you cookie crumbles

Or a half-wrapped Christmas gift,

But instead let’s think about

How my priorities need to shift.


So I will wrap up for you

Some faith, family, hope, and joy.

These gifts will last much longer

Than a transient Christmas toy.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Poem

  1. frenchgirl says:

    i love it! i say leave the sigh. it’s funny but reverent too.

  2. manhattandoula says:

    I think it’s very fun! I did have trouble figuring out how the syllables went with the tune in the fourth line, but oh how I love the words “In ornamental avalanches.”
    Not sure about the last stanza. I don’t have any better ideas.
    I do love your Christmas background. 🙂 How deep would the snow go??

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