I’ve been itching to get a new post up all week, and I’ve actually started two of them, but I never finished.  Such has been my week!

At least it’s not last week, though, right?  Yesterday I was telling someone about Jack’s accident and I said, “Last Monday Jack…” and I thought to myself last Monday???  It just seems like forever ago.  Jack is doing wonderfully.  I am doing much better, too, although every once in awhile I get heart-squeezing flashbacks of the moment after he fell, and then my overactive imagination goes into overdrive and starts imagining things that could happen.  I need to come up with some sort of thought-kickboxing-move to kick those thoughts away.  I know they do me absolutely no good.
Thanks, one more time, for the love, prayers, e-mails, texts, phone calls, the PTSD brownies (Pam), and the incredibly delicious dinner (Patrick, Lindsey, and Sydney).  It’s great to have wonderful friends!!

We had another interesting thing happen last week.  Matt turned down a contract-to-hire job offer.  It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, I suppose, if that job offer did not include a 50% raise.  Yes, that’s a fifty.  5-0.  The money would have been incredibly nice.  No more profuse sweating as the numbers add up at the grocery store.  No more Mylanta-chugging while paying bills.  No more heavy sighs while writing out a mortgage check for a house we aren’t even living in.  We just didn’t feel right about it, though.  First, it’s a contract position, which means no absolute guarantee that a job would be offered at the end of the contract.  Second, it wasn’t really something Matt would have been terribly excited about doing.  Third, we’ve been only doing this work-at-home thing for 2 months, and I don’t think any of us are ready to give that up yet.  Matt has lunch with us almost every day.  He gets hugs and kisses from 2 cute kids when he comes downstairs for coffee refills.  Some things really are priceless.  We know that this setup is probably temporary.  But we just aren’t ready to move on yet.  In the meantime, it’s lowering the house listing price again and grocery shopping at Aldi’s and working my way through 101 creative ways to cook beans (mmmm…like that red beans and coconut rice recipe I shared awhile ago.  That’s a pleasant way to cook beans!).  😉

In other news, my client (ahem, you know who you are) has not had her baby yet.  She’s due on Sunday, and I am just so, so excited to be her doula.  So, um, any day now (any minute now…any second now…)….  😉  I also have another doula client!  Woo-hoo!  I met the couple today, and I just can’t wait to be their doula!

I think that’s all the newsy news I have to share.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

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