This afternoon I took Amélie and Jack over to my grandparents’ to spend the afternoon, and we had a lovely time playing outside and baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  When we were outside with the kiddos, I was trying to get Jack to say “OW!” (which is funny because he sounds like E.T. when he says it).  I sat in front of him and did my best E.T. impersonation of “OWWWWWW,” and he promptly reached over and pulled my hair.  Jack likes to pull my hair.  He actually likes to stroke my hair, especially when he’s sleepy, but sometimes he’ll get in a good yank, and apparently I say, “OW!”  Then a couple of minutes later, as my grandpa was telling Amélie how she will have to teach Jack how to be polite and to say things like “Excuse me,” Jack promptly let out a fake burp.  It’s so fun watching his brain “click” with associations. 

I plan on posting pictures of Amélie’s first day of kindergarten, but in the meantime, you can look at a couple of pictures on the family blog.  She is just loving kindergarten.  She adores her teacher and is having a ton of fun.  Whoever invented kindergarten was absolutely brilliant. 

One last thing: we hooked up our cable when we got here, and even though we just requested basic cable, we have the next layer of extended cable instead.  If we’re paying for it, we’ll shut it off, but in the meantime, I’m really happy to have CNN back, and Amélie is enjoying Spanish soap operas.  Yes, you read that right.  The TV is on for the first time all day, and she had Matt stop channel flipping on the Spanish soap opera channel.  Um, is that OK?  If she can’t hear the drama, do you think she’s being corrupted?  She likes the pretty, bright clothes, and she loves listening to people speak Spanish.  I won’t allow this to be a habit, but it’s kind of funny, really.

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