I know, I know–it’s been ages!  But I’ve been busy, busy.  First there was the move.  Then there was the unloading.  Then there was (still is) the unpacking.  Then there was (still is) the task of finding a home for all of our belongings.  Then there was the painting of the living room and the ripping up of carpet. Then there was the first day of kindergarten (today). 

I’m tired.  But I’m also adjusting and acclimating.

I have much to say, but I wanted to share a conversation between Amélie and me before I forget it.  Today was her first day of kindergarten (pictures will eventually follow), but instead of making her smart, kindergarten seems to have made her…smarty.

Amélie:  I want to go outside and play.

Me:  I need to put Jack down for a nap, and then we can go outside.

Amélie: But it’s my swingset, and I want to go outside now.

Me:  It may be your swingset, but I am your mother, and if I let you go outside now I won’t be able to see you while I am getting Jack down for his nap, and I don’t really want you outside if I’m not there.

Amélie: You’re not my mother.  You’re my stepmother.


her stepmother?  I have sacrificed myself on the altar of motherhood only to be informed that I’m not even her real mother?  In that case, I’m going to live up to the part, hand her a broom, and have her sweep the chimney.

4 thoughts on “a quick update and a conversation

  1. frenchgirl says:

    i saw the pics on pinecones. (i have google reader–love it!). amelie looked beautiful and just so, so old! miss you guys!

  2. That is hilarious! (Kind of.) Huh, I seem to remember something about stepmothers once when our girls were in the back of the van giving us all fairy-tale roles. Still makes me laugh.

  3. Ashley says:

    Laughing out loud!!! I miss ya’ll!!!

  4. This is really funny! Haha. Did you try handing her a broom? 😉

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