last night’s showing did not go well.  they liked our house fine, but apparently the neighbor across the street was drinking something out of a paper bag and two kids a couple of houses down were making out on the front lawn.


Come on, people.  Perhaps I should arrange moonlight showings, where the porch clutter, drinking neighbors, and amorous teenagers are hidden under the cloak of darkness.

Come to think of it, we made an offer on this house after seeing it in the dark.

We have another showing tonight at 5:15.  Between now and then I need to figure out how to cover my neighborhood in an invisibility cloak.

One thought on “irritation take two

  1. paulhill says:

    I am sorry but also laughing hysterically. The people I hired to mess up your move are showing up!

    Seriously, though. I’ll pray for another good showing.

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