I hate moving.
I hate packing.
I’m irritated at my realtor.
I’m irritated at the neighbor who parks his huge truck in front of my for sale sign.
I’m irritated at the neighbors who have decided to grace their porch w/ a deep freezer, a large red cooler, a kitchen table and chairs, buckets, and other forms of unnecessary crap.
I’m irritated that the housing market is in such disarray.
I’m irritated I’ve been following a 5-year-old and toddler around picking up after them for nothing, b/c NO ONE has come to look at our house.
I’m irritated.

i’ll get over it. 
perhaps i’ll go eat another piece of birthday cake to take the edge off, but for now, i’m irritated.

The neighbor’s truck is not in front of my for-sale sign at the moment.
My realtor was gone all weekend, which is why she hadn’t returned our call.
Someone is coming to look at our house b/w 5:30 – 6:30 tonight.
I just ate some bing cherries.

Life isn’t all bad, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “i.hate.moving

  1. Just keep eating bing cherries and birthday cake. I promise it will help. 🙂 If you run out of cake, just let me know. Maybe I can apparate some your way.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I understand! When we moved from CO to KS, I got high blood pressure. We were literally ganged up on my our realtor and the realtor he worked with who wanted to buy our house. Whose side do you think he was on? We lost money and all faith in realtors. Then we had to turn around and get another realtor here in Wichita to buy a house. Hello again high blood pressure!
    Now we have learned. For Sale By Owner and we’ll look at houses by calling the listing agent for each house. Moving SUCKS!

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