Yesterday morning Amélie went to VBS at the church where she had preschool.  The theme that day was to “do the right thing, no matter what,” and the VBS program brought in real live heroes whose very vocations were firmly cemented in this philosophy.  She told me that the heroes were police officers, but unless one of those individuals in uniform has been recently promoted…I’m pretty sure she’s the town dog catcher. 

Last night Matt took the kids on a short walk while I was getting dinner together.  They came upon a fiesty little dog tethered to a post in the yard who ran at them yapping aggressively.  Matt told Amélie that this particular type of dog was called a Shitzu.  She wondered, “If Weimaraners [the type of dogs we have] are called Weimaraners because they whine a lot, then why are Shitzus called…Shitzus?” 

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