…is so, so sick.  😦  He has pneumonia, and it just kills me how sick he is!  So pitiful.  My poor baby.  He’s had a fever since Friday afternoon, so I took him to the doctor today.  She listened to his lungs, thought that they sounded clear, and I think she was about to send me out the door w/ a virus diagnosis.  I just kept telling her that I knew he was really sick, and finally she took a chest x-ray.  Good thing, apparently, since there is pneumonia in his right lung.  I’ve never seen him like this.  Although I hold him a lot on any given day, for the past few days I’ve pretty much held him non-stop.  Even the holding, though, doesn’t necessarily bring him comfort.  He is really just as likely to feel miserable and cry in my arms as he is to cry if I put him down, but I’d much rather him be crying with my arms wrapped around him than not.  He’s actually been sleeping really well at night (although not during the day), and I’m hoping that tonight won’t be any different.  I hope that tomorrow, though, will be really, really different.  I miss my perky, happy little fella.

When I was at the doctor’s office, something very interesting happened.  I asked about a breathing machine that we had received from the doctor’s office back in February.  We were told that we would just need to rent the machine, but when I called the company, they told us that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas requires us to purchase the machine.  Well, fine, I guess.  The charge for the breathing machine was finally listed on our last insurance claim, and they charged us $236 for the crazy thing (to be charged to our deductible).  I happened to mention this to the PA today, and she was shocked.  She told me that if I were to walk into an Apria store, I could buy one of these same blasted breathing machines for $30.  However, since I got it through a doctor’s office, they decided they would charge my insurance that insane amount of money, and then my insurance company decided they would just charge me.  This is robbery.  That stupid company is literally trying to steal $200 from me.  That is just WRONG!  Don’t medical companies and insurance companies have a conscience???  We’re going to fight it, but we wouldn’t have fought it if I hadn’t been to the doctor today and randomly mentioned the charge.  So………how much money has a medical company or insurance company stolen from you?  You probably don’t know.  I don’t know how much they’ve managed to steal from me, either.  Something’s wrong here, folks.  I’m a consumer, not a schmuck.

4 thoughts on “This little boy…

  1. I love that photo! And I’m really sorry he’s so sick. 😦 I’m glad he has a wonderful, loving mama to help him feel better.

    Good grief on the breathing machine racket thing. That would make me mad, too. One instance I know of re: medical companies ripping people off is with my friend who had a vaginal birth after cesarean. Apparently, even though she had no pain meds during the birth, they still charged her for the epidural she didn’t have — I guess because they assume everyone needs and wants one?!? (Especially those risky VBAC candidates!) Anyway, they contested it and didn’t have to pay for the nonexistent epidural — good thing, because they’re expensive!

    By far, your best value for birth (assuming you have a healthy pregnancy) would have to be a homebirth with a midwife (talk about great, personal care!!!), and after that, a birth-center birth. OK, maybe I’m getting off the subject. It was that darn “Business of Being Born” movie.

  2. kelly says:

    Oh Jill, I’m so sorry that little Jack is so very sick. I pray that he will respond to meds and heal quickly.
    I read a story recently of Children’s Mercy requiring medicine to come through their pharmacy, which doubled the cost of medicine for a family who had little insurance. That family fought and won! Also, I read yesterday in the Star about a woman denied health care all b/c she had a c-section and was at risk of having another expensive birth, even though she was in great health over all. I do think we need a major health overhaul, just not sure the answer.

  3. chill24 says:

    poor baby. you’re such a good mom though…he’ll heal faster with all the love. 🙂
    our medical overpayment story…ins. covered it but i think they got jipped. when i was in the hospital for 10 days my perscription bill ended up being $16,000.00. that’s a whole lot of tylenol.

  4. teason says:

    I got a bill for Lili dated 4/18/08. My BCBS (our former insurance) status of claims processed showed payment made 4/8/08. So I called the biller to ask why they sent me a bill after they had already been compensated by my insurance. Their response? Oh yeah, I never got one. Can’t get a hold of anyone there to chew them out and they won’t return my messages.

    Sorry you’re dealing with this.

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