This whole toxic plastic thing has me confused and worried.  There’s been a bunch of hoopla about baby bottles, but what about sippy cups?  Should I throw those away and find…what?  Stainless steel ones?  Today I washed Jack’s sippy cups in the dishwasher, filled a clean one up with water, and then wondered at the toxins I was leaking into his pudgy little body.  I’m not really keen about toxins leaking into my body either.  I confess–I use plastic water bottles.  But, I reuse them.  Apparently, this is an eco-friendly but not body-friendly thing to do.  So what kind of water bottles should I buy?  Any ideas?  The crazy thing is that my water consumption has significantly diminished in the past two weeks.  I know that I could go over to my cabinet and pull out a lead-free glass, walk over to the freezer for some ice, drop those ice cubes into my glass, and then fill my glass up with water, but that’s approximately three extra steps to my grab-toxic-bottle-out-of-fridge routine.  Hmph.


Random update on Jack:  he’s completely walking now.  He loves it.  He’s always been a happy baby, but now he’s really, really pleased with himself.  He can see more, do more, destroy more!  What is there not to be happy about????


Random update on Amélie: She lost her first tooth a week ago.  She ate it, actually.  I looked into her mouth, observed a hole where her tooth had been, and then reacted with such enthusiasm I scared the poor girl half to death.  She quickly got over her fear and is now vigorously wiggling loose tooth #2 so that she can collect more from the tooth fairy.  When I asked her if her preschool teachers had noticed her missing tooth, she responded with some puzzlement that no, they had not noticed, even though every time they looked at her she had opened her mouth. 


Really random Ed update:  Our 11-year-old weimaraner has diabetes.  Guess what I’m doing twice a day now?  I am giving him an insulin shot.  an insulin shotfor my dog.  I know we’re crazy.  I swore I would never go to great lengths for a dog (which is a total lie–we dropped a grand for Molly when she got hit by a van; we paid for surgery when Ed inhaled a foxtail and was sneezing blood; we’ve been at a vet emergency room in the middle of the night.  I think I’ll stop there.)  The thing is, we love Ed.  He is our old soul.  Our kindred melancholy spirit.  And, for the record, he’s feeling much better on the insulin.


I am excited–so, so excited–that the film The Business of Being Born is now available to watch for free on-line.   You can go here to watch it.  I can’t wait to watch it again.  and again.  and again.  This film fills me with excitement, anger, joy, and the urge to be an activist for women and birth.  I highly recommend that you watch it, and then I’d love to hear your response.


Along those same birthy lines, I think I’m ready to plunge into my role as a postpartum doula.  I’ve completed the training and am finishing up all of the other requirements for certification…which include actually having clients!  I am a thinker and a planner…not so much a doer.  The thing is, I could work at and study towards being a doula forever without ever having any clients!  I just need to take the plunge.  My next step is a website.  I’m also working on birth doula certification, but I won’t be able to go through the necessary training classes until September.  I’m really excited about being both a birth doula and a postpartum doula.  I am passionate–absolutely passionate–about helping women have a positive birth experience and a nurturing postpartum period. 


This next week is going to be a busy one as we prepare for Jack’s first birthday…Matt’s birthday…and Mother’s Day–all on the same day!!

4 thoughts on “really, really random

  1. karmenl says:

    I miss you guys.

  2. kelly says:

    I watched the Business of Being Born from the link you emailed! It was great!I’ve been working on a email about my response to that, Ina May’s book, etc.
    About Ed . . . I think if he’s feeling better, still enjoys living, and you can afford the shots w/o starving your family or missing a mortgage payment, then it is love and enjoy your dog. When we said goodbye to Byron, he was simply miserable, and there was nothing else to do . . . so we let him go. Oh, and we too have made a late night emergency vet run. It was on Dec. 31, 1999. That’s right. We celebrated the millenium (sp?) with a very sick dog and a very expensive vet ER. I can remember on the way there talking with JD about how much we would be willing to spend if it came to that point, but fortunately it didn’t.
    I can’t believe Amelie has already lost a tooth!!!!! Good grief, she’s not even 5 yet! I just checked Jonah’s and he has nothing wigglin’ at all.

  3. teason says:

    I did some research on this bisphenol-A stuff when I came across it as yet another “cause” for early menarche trends (yes, I’m a man who knows what this term means). I just had to put these fears of what if I could be doing more to protect my daughters to rest. It seems that the “edocrine disrupters” scare has been around for some time, largely in part to a book, “Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival? — A Scientific Detective Story.” It seems that many of the proponents of this book have since been found guilty of scientific misconduct and the theory of endocrine disrupters refuted by the National Academy of Sciences in 1999. Yet, unreproducible follow-up studies continue to abound. I don’t know why–maybe there’s a market for this stuff to keep people scared because deep down people find some sort of weird security in this type of thinking; I don’t know… I do know that when I start getting all worried about health stuff, toxins, etc., a good fix is for me to think about the movie “The Road to Wellville” with Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Broderick, and others. I’m somewhat reassured in that scare-science has been around for centuries flaunting unfamiliar terms, anecdotal evidence, etc. and yet we just kind of keep going on as a species. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is do the best you can, but stay reasonable–as soon as we become unreasonable, we become blind to facts, evidence and the scientific process.

  4. chill24 says:

    oh the plight of plastic bottles. i’ve discarded all bottles i may have washed in the dishwasher therefore giving the toxins an even better chance of poisoning our family. i’m thinking of buying glass water bottles to reuse (easier than just reaching into the cupboard and taking down a glass glass) 🙂 a little more expensive but they should last awhile. plus, they look cool.

    ditto to karmen’s comment – we miss you too.

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