I know it’s been awhile since I posted last.  Matt went to Orlando for a computer programmer’s conference, and we headed out to KC to spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We had a nice time, but it’s also good to be home (although not so good to deal with piles of laundry and the jarring effects of being thrust back into “real life”).  We managed to fit in a grand adventure on our way back home.  We left at about 5:00 on Monday afternoon so that we wouldn’t get home too late.  At about 6:00, however, as we were trucking along approaching the Topeka rest area, the engine in our Jeep started smoking.  We made it to the exit ramp, and then stopped.  Matt poured water on the engine, and some nice guy stopped his truck, opened up the cooler in the back, and threw out water bottle after water bottle so that Matt could continue to try to cool the engine.  This nice man also took me and the two kids on up to the rest stop, which was a really good thing, b/c Amélie had informed me she had to poop.  Of course!  Once she made her announcement I had scanned the windy, cool area for a proper place to poop, but there just wasn’t any.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for a rest stop bathroom!  I got a little tired of the rest stop, however, after spending 4 hours within its walls.  Jack spent a great deal of time rearranging the electrical tape and Chex Mix, Amélie proved herself to be a real trooper, I tried not to panic, and Matt calmly held us all together.  On Tuesday Matt got the sad news that his beloved Jeep is dead.  He is in a bit of mourning right now, I think.


Do any of you who live around me know of a good bakery that makes cute cakes?  I’ve used a lady around here that I really like for Amélie’s last two birthdays, but she is booked for Jack’s birthday.  I need a cake!  I knew I should have called earlier!  I can’t believe he’s going to be one in ten days.  (I am sacrificing the order of my DVD collection, btw, to write this blog entry.  He loves to rearrange everything!)


I really wanted to write a blog entry this morning on contentment.  I’ve been thinking a lot about contentment lately, mostly because I seem to be sorely lacking in it.  Now that I’ve written all the newsy news, though, I don’t have time for the real stuff.  I’ll try to type more later…………..  In the meantime, if anyone of you has any thoughts on contentment, I’d truly love to hear them.

One thought on “It’s been awhile….

  1. Tara says:

    There is a gal at our church who has done some really last minute cakes for me. Her name is Naomi Wallace. http://www.keithandnaomi.com/naomiscreations/
    You can try her….
    Sorry to hear about your jeep. We are dreading the days that our cars die kind of b/c we love them, but also b/c it might mean we have car payments again. yuck.

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