A few days ago my little boy baby boy turned 11-months old (I’m kind of struggling with the idea that he’s rapidly moving out of babyhood).  I intended to write a post that day, and then the day after that, and then the day after that, but I’m just now sneaking in the time to write (until, that is, Jack figures out that I’m in the room and demands that I pick him up.  NOW.).  So here’s what’s new with my little fella:

Jack is going to be walking.  Soon.  He took 8 steps yesterday, and at church on Saturday night I didn’t even count how many steps he took because I was so flabbergasted!  He still crawls most of the time, but he does love to practice walking.

The boy loves to dump everything, and I mean everything.  Some of his favorite items to dump include baskets of laundry, shelves of books, stacks of CDs, our collection of DVDs, kitchen cabinets, and his sock drawer.  He needs his own personal picker-upper.  Oh wait, he does.  That would be me. 

He loves to be held.  All-the-time.  He could be cheerily playing by himself or with Amélie or with Matt, but the second he sees me he throws his chubby little arms up in the air so fast that if he’s standing up he just about topples over.  This gesture, which apparently is the universal baby symbol for pick me up right this second, happens to me countless times throughout the day.  I love to hold him, of course–he’s so soft and squishy and sweet–but sometimes I need to do stuff like sort laundry or cook dinner or pick up one of the multiple piles that he has dumped.  And I do those things…with a 22-lb baby in tow.  If you’d like to know what it’s like to spend the day lugging around 22 lbs of baby, go to the store, buy a 20-lb bag of dog food (except get one that offers you 10% more free since he weighs 22 lbs, and technically you should also tape a 12-oz can of Coke to the bag since he actually weighs 22 lbs, 12 oz), strap this bag of dog chow to your hip, and go about your day.  Just try it sometime.  It’s not easy! 

He still doesn’t take the greatest of naps.  His older sister spent her babyhood taking two 30-minute naps a day, and Jack doesn’t like to take long naps either.  <sigh>  I really need him to take some better naps!  I actually just bought a book called The No-Cry Sleep Solution, and I’m hoping for some answers!  Do any of you have napping/sleeping advice?  He isn’t really sleeping through the night, either.  I know some of you follow the babywise napping philosophies, and while I’d welcome any advice, let me give an up-front warning that, while it may “work,” I really don’t like it. 

He hasn’t really added any new words to his repertoire this month, but he has started imitating intonations a lot.  Although he can’t really copy words yet, he’s really good at imitating sound.  It’s so funny to make him repeat silly sounds.  He is quite good at making us laugh! 

I can’t believe he is going to be one-year-old in less than a month.  I know I’m getting all sappy here, but I really am not quite ready for him to graduate from babyhood yet.  Really, though, I’ll take him any way I can get him.  I love him.  I love him.  I love him.

6 thoughts on “11 months old

  1. kelly says:

    Oh my he is soo sooo soooooo adorable. 22lbs! Jesse was 24lbs at a year, so I know what you are going through! As for napping I have no suggestions. I did the ‘babywise’ thing with my boys and it did work with them. The most any of them cried was less than a hour ( a long, long hour to me!) but that was around 6 weeks to two months). But, I did it when they were much younger so if they were crying at this age I knew something was wrong (wet, hungry, sick, etc).

  2. kelly says:

    Me again. During dinner I kept thinking, great Kelly, JIll asks for suggestions about sleeping, specifically saying she doesn’t care for babywise and that is all you write about.
    OK. I still have no suggestions. I just wanted to clarify that I am not like many babywise proponents who believe it is the only way or best way. It is the way that worked for me, my husband and my boys. One thing that I know for certain now is that when it comes to child-rearing we_are_all_different, with different temperments, different children, different spouses. Good luck finding what works with Jack. I may need it with this one . . .

  3. Julie says:

    Aw…I know, I can’t believe Jacey is almost a year old either.
    She will be walking any day now. She has just started standing without holding on for quite an extended period of time.
    Last weekend she started saying Thank You, which actually sounds a lot more like tatoo, and this weekend she started hissing like a snake…thanks Mom!
    She outweighs Jack by 2 pounds so I feel your pain! And I wonder why my back always hurts! 🙂
    Thankfully she’s not a very demanding baby, well as long as someone is playing with her or she has food! HA!

  4. Tara says:

    hmmm… considering my almost 20 month still doesn’t always sleep through the night I feel for you. We kind of did Babywise with Macy – I say kind of because we are just not die-hards. It seemed to work with her – but I think in retrospect anything would have worked with her becasue she is just that kind of kid. She wants to do the right thing, even as a newborn. So Matt and I are thinking we are great parents. Enter Kate. Nothing and I mean nothing has worked with that child. She would cry until morning if we let her – which we quickly figured out was not going to be a good solution – what kid doesn’t at least eventually get tired enough to sleep eventually – the Kate kind apparently. I read all kinds of books with her. And we have just tried to survive and listen to our instincts on what we felt she needed. She is the kind of kid that often just needs to be re-assured that you are there (the complete opposite of Macy who could care less most of the time that she even has parents). A lot of times all it takes is to walk in, pat her on the back and say “It’s night-night time.” and she lays right back down and goes back to sleep. Sometimes nothing works until she has a drink – which is going to be tricky because she has decided to start potty-training this week (another story for another day). If she is even a little sick she just wants to be held. Often very annoying, seeing as the holder never gets good sleep – especially if your belly is growing every day. However, I have tried to grasp the perspective that it will only be a very short time before she won’t want us to hold her in the night and seeing us won’t mean to her what it does now. Okay this may be the longest comment so I will wrap it up with this, the book that I have heard the most success stories from is called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I don’t know what he would say to do in your case, but you can check it out if you want – good luck!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    He is so, so cute! I feel the same pain-mixed-with-joy as I watch Samuel grow and grow out of babyhood…

    As for sleep solutions, I read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth (as Tara mentioned), and it did have some helpful information. We did cry-it-out a la Ferber with Jacob (going back to work, must-get-this-child-to-follow-a-schedule-or-I’ll-go crazy), but with each child I’ve gotten more laid back about my expectations for their sleep. Weissbluth suggests ways to work with your child’s natural rhythms so regular naptimes and bedtimes can occur without crying. However, he cautions that if you get off schedule, let the child get overtired, etc., then there may be some crying. I can’t remember everything – I should probably pick it up to read again, too, since Samuel’s sleeping through the night record is less than stellar. (Not terrible, but I do think it could be better if I was more purposeful about it.)

  6. frenchgirl says:

    matt told me how much he was walking at church! i missed it!

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