On Saturday night we participated in Earth Hour.  Amélie was incredibly excited about the whole thing, mainly because we got to come home from church and light a bunch of candles.  She was dancing around the living room by candlelight while Matt was drumming on his djembe when I decided that Earth Hour called for a teachable moment.  I very seriously told her that some people don’t even have electricity.  She looked at me and chirped,  “Oh, then. They’re good!” (good as in, they don’t need to turn out their lights b/c they’re already off! How convenient for them!)  So much for that teachable moment. 

Tonight I was reading Amélie the story of Naomi and Ruth.  After reading the story, I talked to her about loyalty and how important it is to be loyal to her friends.  She asked me what loyalty was, so I told her that an example of being loyal to a friend would be to stand up for that friend if someone else was making fun of her.  She looked at me like I was an idiot and asked, “Why would I need to stand up?” 

Then, I talked to her about how we should be thankful for our friends, and I asked her who her closest friend was.  She thought for a minute and then responded, “the little girl who just moved in across the street.”  My first response was, “huh?” b/c she’s only met this little girl twice, but then I realized she meant closest as in closest in proximity.  When I cleared up the idea that “closest friend” meant “best friend” and asked her who her best friend was, her immediate answer was “Carley.”  Here are the two of them at their preschool Valentine’s Day party:


Aren’t they cute?  Here’s the really horrible thing, though.  Carley is from Louisiana, and she is moving back there in two weeks.  Amélie is heartbroken.  Really and truly.  It’s killing me to see her so sad!  I have never seen two little 4-year-olds with such a strong bond.  They just adore each other.  The thing is, not only does Amélie really like Carley, but I also happen to really like Carley’s mom, Ashley.  I don’t think I’m going to let them move away.  Today we hung out with them for hours and hours and hours, and we all had a lot of fun.  We’re going to miss them dreadfully when they move away.  *sniff sniff *

2 thoughts on “Amélie Funnies

  1. Ashley says:

    As I read this…I CRY!!! I can’t believe we have made such close friends in such a short period of time. I will miss you and Amelie and Jack so much! I was telling Josh last night that I don’t want to leave because of ya’ll! I thought about it being our last day here and I just started hurting! I will truly miss you! I wish you could pack up and go to Louisiana with me! Love, ash

  2. chill24 says:

    oh, how neat to have such good friends and how sad to see them go.
    i absolutely love amelie’s take on the world…i can hear her say all those things in her sweet little voice. 🙂 you’re a good mom to help her think outside the little girl (american girl) box.

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