Today I took this little guy to the doctor for his 10-month check up.  Here are his latest facts and tricks:
He weighs a chunky but healthy 22 lbs, 6 oz.
He crawls everywhere, especially towards the dog water, dog food, and toilet bowl.
He cruises around any available sturdy object, including furniture, legs, and dogs.
He stands by himself for about 30 seconds.
He likes to throw his arms up in the air for “Jack is SO BIG!”  Mostly he combines this trick with the standing by himself trick, and then he plops down on his padded bottom.
He like to practice walking.
He can say “Mama,” “Dada,” and “Ba” (for ball). 
He likes to mimic our noises (yesterday Matt was getting him to “Arrrrr” like a pirate).
He follows me around like a little puppy dog. 

And then there’s this little girl:
She has been so sick this week.  She has had a fever all week.  I took her to the doctor on Monday, and then this afternoon at 4:00 (after already taking Jack into Wichita earlier in the day for his check up), I decided that the poor little girl needed to see the doctor again.  We got in at 4:50.  She checked Amélie’s first ear and told us there was an ear infection in that ear.  Then she checked the other one and said there was another ear infection in that ear.  She asked Amélie if her ears had been hurting, and when she responded “No,” the doctor commented that she must have a high pain tolerance.  Poor baby!  She’s just been so sick.  She’s taking medicine now, and hopefully she will be back to her spunky, perky self soon. 

I sure do love those two kids….

2 thoughts on “my handsome (and healthy) little boy and my pretty (but sick) little girl

  1. I really want to witness these two kids with my own eyes sometime soon! I can’t believe all Jack’s doing now! Wow, he won’t be a baby anymore soon. I feel so sorry for Amelie, too (and you).

  2. frenchgirl says:

    oh no! will you make it to church tonight?

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