Well, we made a valiant attempt to go see Obama today in El Dorado.  I picked Amélie up early from preschool.  I drove through blowing snow.  We parked eternally far away.  We stood outside in a forever long line in -2 degree windchill.  Jack was freezing cold and sobbing.  Amélie was freezing but was being such a trooper.  I felt like an abusive mom for subjecting my kids to such brutal cold, but I was stubbornly determined to see him.  Finally, the kind people in line with us, who had been nicely wrapping Jack’s blanket around his legs and keeping his ears tucked into his hood, recommended that I wait in the library and that they would hold my place in line.  A few minutes later, though, they closed the gym, and then people bolted for the overflow.  We joined the stampeding throng, but all the running scared Amélie, and I knew that as we limped along we were no competition for those childless Obama fans who were scaling and jumping over walls.  We just couldn’t compete.  Finally, we conceded defeat and retreated to the Student Union where we warmed up with hot cocoa (bought for us by some other kind people–I had left my wallet in the car!) and watched Obama’s address stretched out on comfy chairs. 
So it wasn’t what I expected.  It wasn’t what I wanted to happen.  But I tried.  We still got to hear him speak.  And I’m still planning on standing in another line to caucus for him in a week and then again to vote for him in November. 

 Oh, Matt didn’t make it to the event, either.  He passed by some illegal Mexicans trudging through the cruel cold and blowing snow trying to make it to New York City, so he took them to lunch instead. 

6 thoughts on “mission…attempted

  1. But oh what a valiant attempt! I would have folded, too, in those circumstances! I think both you and Matt did something just as worthwhile or more. 🙂

  2. kelly says:

    Oh what a disappointment that was for you . . . That you braved the nasty weather shows true character and commitment.
    I’m just about finished with his book the Audacity of Hope. Shall I mail to you?

  3. clbeyer says:

    It sounds like your wait was miserable, but I hope you have good memories of how you _almost_ got to see Barack Obama in El Dorado!

    (Hm. That sounds really sad right now.)

  4. karmenl says:

    BUMMER on the Obama plans.

    That was nice of Matt. NYC is a long way from here. Did he tell them that?

  5. Michele T says:

    oh my that sounds trying. i wish i could have watched your kids for you so that you could have run with the best of them! see you thursday!

  6. paulhill says:

    You made a great attempt. Barack should do something nice for you.

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