Today I am supposed to drive to Kansas City to pick Megan up from the airport.

My car is in the shop.

It’s been there since yesterday.  The anti-lock brake light has been coming on, and the heater only works on high.  I thought those glitches should be checked before making the 3-hour trek.

Yesterday they said they would get it done.

They didn’t.

Last night the owner said he would check it before he went home.

He didn’t.

This morning he said he would get to it within the hour.

Matt kindly suggested he take a look at it.  Right now.

Now I’m waiting.

I don’t wait well. 

I don’t roll with the punches.

I am not at all flexible.

I want it fixed.

I want it fixed NOW.

Megan, if you read this (and I hope you don’t–at least until after this mess is over), I’m going to pick you up this afternoon.  Somehow…..

One thought on “Car troubles

  1. frenchgirl says:

    did you make it??

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