Matt was rocking baby Jack.  I was making chocolate chip cookies with Amélie.  We were eating at least as much cookie dough as we were spooning onto the cookie sheets.  The Messiah was playing on the stereo.  As I was humming along to “And he shall speak peace unto his people…” the doorbell rang. 

Perfect timing. 

Or perhaps…not.

Three neighbor kids barged in.  One picked up the cheerleader megaphone and started yelling.  Another unabashedly walked over to the bowl of cookie batter and stuck her fingers right in.  And then another loudly called, “Let’s go upstairs!” and off they noisily trooped into Amélie’s bedroom. 

I really do like peace and quiet and order and harmony.  I had spent a good portion of the day cleaning and picking up and reordering my life. 

Now my home is invaded with a Little Mermaid, Cinderella, a bride, and a little boy brandishing a rhinestone sceptor.  My living room is scattered with pom poms, tiaras, necklaces, high heels, and magic wands. 

Cinderella just loudly banished the Little Mermaid to the dungeon on the stairs.

And Jack just woke up.

It’s all good, though.  I like these kids.  Amélie adores them.  I’d pick their happy, noisy clatter and chatter over silence any day.

…well, most days.

3 thoughts on “snow day

  1. kelly says:

    Sounds wonderful . . . I absolutely love where we live, but I wish my boys could have a neighborhood gang to play with. Some of my best memories as a child were playing with the sisters down the street. Yet, my boys are each others only playmates and I’m hoping that they’ll be closer because of it.

  2. uh!!!

    (things would get ugly if someone noisily interrupted my Messiah time…no matter how much i love them.)

  3. chill24 says:

    wow – sounds like my crazy house EVERY afternoon. i know i’d hate the silence and calm of no children running in wild abandonment if they weren’t here.
    just turn up the “messiah” – i do that with anything U2!

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