I love it that Joe read aloud Isaiah 9:1-3 and I Corinthians 1:1-9 by reading from his phone.
I love it that I read aloud a 4th century hymn and Isaiah 64:1-9 from The Message.
I love it that we celebrate the beauty and tradition of advent.
I love it that I was part of this discussion (See The Lord’s Prayer and the Kingdom: Pt 2).
I love it that I’m cultivating some deep, meaningful relationships.
I love it that at church last night Paul said that hope was something we needed to lean into.
I love it that we collected blankets for the homeless and that a group of people went downtown last night to deliver them.
I love my church.

4 thoughts on “my church

  1. frenchgirl says:

    amen, sista! 🙂 thanks for all your encouraging words lately.

  2. karmenl says:

    I love it, too! I love getting to know you and Matt. Glad we are in the same house church together.

  3. yeah…the lean thing stuck with me, too.

  4. chill24 says:

    ummm, i love paul. oh – and the church!

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