This week, Jack has…

  • turned 5 months old (he’s getting so, so big!)
  • cut his first tooth (that explains the little drooling machine.)
  • slept all night long once (hey, it’s a start.)
  • slept through dinner twice (ahhhhh, peace!  I actually got to savor rather than shovel my food!)
  • continued to melt our hearts with his smiley, cuddly, happy, winsome self.

I think I’m in love….

7 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. frenchgirl says:

    so glad i got to squeeze him the other day. what a great picture!!

  2. kelly says:

    He is absolutely adorable! His eye remind me of Amelie’s eyes. Am I just imagining it? Or do other people think so too?

  3. That is the cutest picture ever. I just love your kids!

  4. Faith says:

    He is precious!

  5. Aunt Becki says:

    OMGosh! He is so cute and so big! You need to bring him up here right now so we can get used to him again. Skylar and James didn’t even recognize him. He DOES look so much like Amélie now. Kelly is NOT imagining it. Is his hair lightening up or is it just the light in the picture? Wow. Our family just doesn’t have ugly kids. Miss you, Jackson! Tell Ami to bring you to us.

  6. chill24 says:

    i agree with kelly and aunt becky. jackson is sooooo cute AND smiley. what a joy. and in those moments where you have to leave church because of …well…you know (poo poo) remember to look into those big eyes and let yourself melt again. 🙂

  7. karmenl says:

    what a beautiful boy!

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