5 thoughts on “It’s been a “listen to this song on repeat” couple of days….

  1. karmenl says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love it.

  2. frenchgirl says:

    this was beautiful and i really needed this today.

  3. Jill,

    That is an awesome song. I tend to be a lover of either great guitar rock or peaceful acoustic guitar. Oddly, both tend to dampen the background noise in my head and bring about calmness in my core. Words I can identify with make it even better. Thanks for sharing.

    As someone who barely knows you and Matt, I would have to say that the little sample of your writing that I have seen here on your blog (this is the first time I have found my way here) is awesome. You are very talented and should pursue this dream.

  4. chill24 says:

    i tried to find the chords to this – couldn’t. i’ll figure them out. i did find juliet’s blog – cool. i really liked this song. thanks for sharing.

  5. matt says:


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