17 thoughts on “test test

  1. matt says:

    howdy. he. hardy har. har

  2. matt says:

    testing 2 3 4

  3. matt says:

    test numero tres. watch me

  4. matt says:

    are you going to write something? i want to see a new blog entry. also, remind me to show you how to upload a picture.

  5. matt says:

    nothing posted yet. it’s getting lonely here…

  6. matt says:

    it still looks the same.

  7. manhattandoula says:

    Pretty picture! I can’t wait to read some blog entries from you.

  8. matt says:

    yeah! what she said. no pressure, but PRESSURE! it’s time. people are waiting in line for this stuff.

  9. matt says:

    nothing here yet. get off the couch! c’mon! : )

  10. Faith Bilyeu says:

    Yes, no pressure at all. But keep in mind that we all are checking back to see if you have posted… every day. But, no pressure. . . hehe

  11. matt says:

    where’s the love? i haven’t seen you write anything yet. it’s getting lonely here. fiath is right, this is hard. and i’m depressed now.

  12. Faith Bilyeu says:

    Who’s fiath? . . . just playin’

  13. Susy B says:

    Hi Jill, yes, I am still here at work and ‘working’ on e-mails. Yours just popped up and couldn’t resist reading. You are a beautiful writer, so captivating. I think you should write a book…..my thoughts are with you. I’ll be in touch this weekend. Luv ya..SB

  14. matt says:

    HEY! she finally wrote something! GO GET ‘EM TIGER! (growl!).

  15. matt says:

    oh. i get it now. i spelled your name wrong, so it seemed. What you don’t realize is that I didn’t misspell it. I’ve actually renamed you Fiath. I’m going to rename Jill too. I shall now call her Jeall. This is my world, I do as I please.

  16. Faith Bilyeu says:

    Ah yes, I do remember. You always have been creative with name spellings, haven’t you. FWIW, I like Fiath, it has spunk to it.

    Jill (AKA Jeall), I am loving your blog. I always look forward to your writing, cause you are just so good at it!

  17. matt says:

    she is good! she should write a book!!! : )

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